Driving Audi’s 2019 Formula E car | Behind the wheel

Gen3 car (from 2022)

The Gen3 Formula E car is planned to be introduced for the ninth Formula E season (2022–23). Power levels for the car are expected to be 350 kW in qualifying and 300 kW in the race, while regeneration levels will be allowed on both front (250 kW) and rear (350 kW) axles for a maximum of 600 kW recovery under braking. The battery will also be designed to be able to handle “flash-charging” at rates of up to 800 kW, allowing pitstop recharging into the championship for the first time. In July 2020 it was announced that Spark Racing Technology would build the chassis and supply the front axle MGU, Williams Advanced Engineering would supply the battery, and Hankook would supply all-weather tires incorporating bio-material and sustainable rubber.

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