What is Roborace?

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What is Roborace ?

 The Creators of Formula E have Announced a New Autonomous Series named ‘Roborace‘

roborace_carLast year, the FIA introduced us to an all-new racing series in which all of the cars were powered entirely by electricity. Named Formula-E, the series saw cars reminiscent of Formula One or Indy Cars competing in exciting races through some of the world’s most prominent cities.

After a successful first season, the creators of the event have now announced that they will launch a new motorsport series named ‘RoboRace’ that will run as part of Formula E.

Roborace will be a motorsport championship with autonomously driving, electrically powered vehicles. The series will be held on the same tracks the FIA Formula E Championship uses.It will be the first global championship for driverless cars. As of September 2017, the official CEO is 2016–17 Formula E champion, Lucas Di Grassi.

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